Wedding Gift How-To

I like to paint. I like to paint things for people. Everyone and their dog has been getting married lately so...handmade wedding gifts! 

Here are the steps to make this hand painted sign for the newlyweds in your life to display in their new home: 

Watercolor paper
Watercolor paint (I just use Crayola paint from the toy section in Target...)
Scissors or Paper Slicer
Paper towel
Thin paintbrush (I do not use the brush that comes with the paint)
Picture frame

Step 1: Cut your paper. I used watercolor art paper I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Having the correct paper is important to prevent the colors from bleeding and the paper from wrinkling with all the water. I cut the paper into a 4x6'' rectangle to fit my frame. 

Step 2: Get on your computer, open up a Word or Pages document, choose a font you enjoy. I used the font called Capitals in size 150. Customize to your paper size and font preference. Type the initials of the happy couple. I this case my couple's names are Zach and Tori. 

(This is where I cheat.)

Step 3: Turn up the brightness on your computer screen and tape your paper over the letter exactly where you would like it. Trace lightly with a pencil. Of course you can freehand your letters if you would like.

Step 4: Paint inside the letters with any watercolors that you want to use. I like to mix colors so I painted the "Z" with green first and added some blue. Be sure to blot the paint before it dries with your paper towel. This makes it look less like an art project and lets the colors blend better. I painted the "T" with coral and pink. I painted the & symbol with dark gray and did not blot afterwards. 

Step 5: Hand lettering! Over her initial I painted the date of their big day with a black watercolor and my thin paintbrush. I put their newly shared last name over the "Z". In order to not run out of room or unevenly space your letters, paint the first letter where it needs to be and then the last letter. Evenly fill in the remaining letters. You can write your letters in pencil first to be on the safe side, but I did not. 

Step 6: Let the paint dry! I like to initial and date my work. Erase any stray pencil marks and place your beautifully personalized gift inside your picture frame. 


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