Chalkboarding and Lettering

Here are some of my attempts at chalk lettering and painting. 

I don't trace or use stencils, but I do look up different font combinations, type what I want my message to say on the computer, and try to copy it free handed. I've found an old wet hand towel works best to fix mistakes...I make a lot of them. There is also no sense in buying chalk pens or anything fancy unless you want it to be permanent. Otherwise, $1 chalk is just fine.

If you have any questions let me know! 

This is a "guest book" for guests to sign that can be hung up in the couple's new home. For this I used permanent chalk pens.

This is a sign that could be used to decorate or for the ring bearer to carry. It is a burlap canvas painted white and the lettering is done with sharpies.

I am in love with this chalk board! I used regular chalk and took inspiration from the flowers on the couple's wedding invitation. This is to be set up at the entrance to the reception.

Also in regular chalk, this is for pointing guests in the direction of the ceremony and a polite reminder to silence cell phones.

This was an antique store window pane that I painted with white acrylic paint with the last name and wedding date. The pane is leaning up against a tree with the reflection of the sunset and the happy couple in the background.

Instead of paper copies, this bride decided to display her wedding program in chalk form. For this I just used regular chalk and lots of erasing...

Everyone needs a wedding hashtag to group all their guests' pictures from the big day. Again, just regular chalk.


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