Sunday School Valentine Craft

I came up with a cute idea for a handmade Valentine for my preschool Sunday School class. I cut out the pieces myself and let them glue everything together. 

White card stock
Dark pink card stock
Hot pink card stock
Brown paper
Orange paper 
White doilies
Glue stick

I didn't make a template. I just drew all the shapes and cut them out myself. You can tell the simple shapes I used though.
After cutting out my pieces, I wrote "Jesus" on the large heart and "Who does my heart belong to?" on the two smaller hearts.

I glued extra white card stock to the back of the doilies to make it more sturdy. 

I glued the owl together before gluing it to the doily. Be sure to only glue the edges of the smaller hearts so his wings can still open up. 
On the back we wrote "Happy Valentine's Day 2014" and I had the kids practice writing their names. 

I think they turned out very well.
Happy Valentine's Day! 


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