Picture Frame Bulletin Board

Yay for summer crafting! 

I needed a little something for my bathroom so I decided to revamp a wooden frame and turn it into a cork bulletin board. 

Wooden pictures frames are pricey, so I picked mine up at the Goodwill near my house. I found a very nice frame with a not-so-cute hand painted tree canvas for $9.

I made a Home Depot trip for cork board and paint. I decided to get a roll of adhesive cork instead of trying to glue (aka make a mess out of) my cork board. I got a roll of 4 ft of cork for $9.97. I found it with the shelf liners in the carpet section. 

Pay attention! This is one of the best tips I have come across in my cute little crafting experience. 
Tiny 2 oz. bottles of acrylic paint at Hobby Lobby are $2-3 and you have to pick a boring color they already have. Not cost effective and difficult to match if you need a 
certain color... 
Paint samples at Home Depot however, they're wonderful.
You can match the color exactly, choose the type of finish you want AND it's only $2.97 for 8 ounces of paint. I chose Araucana Teal by Martha Stewart (it matches the towels in my bathroom). 

The remaining steps are fairly simple:

1. Remove the canvas and tape off the parts of the frame you don't want painted. 

2. Paint the entire frame with one coat of paint and let it dry.
3. Paint a second coat and let dry. Remove tape.
4. Lightly sand some of the edges of the frame with sand paper or a sanding block to give it a not so perfect look. 

4. Roll out some of the cork and place the canvas on top. Trace around the canvas with a pencil. Cut along the lines with scissors or a rotary cutter.
5. Remove the paper backing and adhere the cork board directly to the canvas.  
6. Insert the newly corked canvas just as it was before canvas facing out.
7. Hang pictures, notes, dried flowers, ribbons, etc. on your new board with tacks, find a place in your home to hang the frame and enjoy! 


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