Pot Luck

So many things have been cooking in my little brain lately. 

I am starting to think (worry) about grad school and where I want to attend. Knoxville is wonderful, but I want to expand my horizons a little. I need a GA program in Audiology and/or Speech Pathology somewhere. Preferably not too far from home and in a warmer more beach-like climate. And the hunt begins... 

I am also starting to think of my relationship future. I have a sweet boy (man?) in my life that is very good for me. His testimony and desire to be in church is my most treasured part. You can't find that in many guys my age. Where do we go from here? What is the "socially acceptable" next step? Those questions bother me because, frankly, it's nobody else's business. I'm not getting in a hurry though. 

My taste does get along to well with my budget. I have so many things that I would love to do...i.e. Take a week long trip to Destin next week for Spring Break, buy our J. Crew, trade in my gas hog for a 2013 Fusion Hybrid, leave the country this summer...that I cannot do. Oh the pains of being a broke college student. I'm just ready to have my big girl job or win the lottery. Wait, I  don't gamble. Maybe someone rich will pass away and leave me a few million. 

Audiology and Speech Pathology is wonderful for me. I am happier with this decision than I could ever imagine. God knew what He was doing when he got me out of nursing. 

There are so many craft projects on my mind!! I want to make a beautiful tulle skirt for my Easter outfit. I want to paint a masterpiece for my future kitchen with the verse from Isaiah 1:19 that says, "If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:" Wouldn't that be perfect with some artsy painted fruits and vegetables? 

My brain is a wonderful display of organized chaos...kinda like a Baptist church dinner. 


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