Morgan's Ties

I found some wonderfully handsome models! 
Fuzzy pink with detachable flower pin

I am making bow ties and scarves! If anyone would like a tie I just need a neck measurement. You can get this from the tag in a fitted collared shirt or just measure the neck where a tie would fit comfortably. Most men are between a 16" and 18" size. I can also make smaller bow ties for younger guys and babies. How adorable would a bow tie be on a baby?! 

Scarves are adorable on anyone.

The cost is $15 per tie and also $15 per scarf. 

I have pictures of the various colors I've made so far. If you'd like a particular color or pattern just ask! 
Forest Green Pattern

 Ordering Information:
Just send me a message on my FB page with the color and/or size, leave a comment on my blog, or email me at I will get back to you with where I need to ship them or have them picked up.

Payment Information:
If you use Paypal: Items will ship as soon as they are ready. 

If you mail a check: Items will ship as soon as the check clears.
Volunteer Checkerboard 

Each tie comes with its own label on the back! 
Braided lace with braid in the back
Braided Lace 


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